Pensions & Planning

Pension schemes are designed to provide you with an income in your old age.

They are the most tax efficient way we can build up funds for retirement, and we think they are "a good thing", to mis-quote 1066 and All That. In fact, pensions are excellent, and we'd recommend them as the number one long term savings vehicle.

But they are no more or less than a tax efficient wrapper into which you put your hard earned money. Once in the pension fund you invest it, just like any other savings. When you are older you take money out to spend. When you die, if anything is left, it goes to your loved ones. It's not really complicated.

There is of course a huge amount to know about rules and regulations and limits, and we have spent years learning all that stuff, so you don't have to!

Despite all the legislative complexities, at their core, pensions are not mysterious. They are just a very useful tax framework we can use alongside your other savings and investments to meet your goals.