Impact Investing

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Many people have strong views about the effects we have on the world. Whether it is how we shop, recycle, use plastics, or fuel our house and cars, there are consequences to how we live our lives.

The ever-increasing awareness of these issues leads some to consider the impact of their investments, and ask “is it possible to invest money in a way that balances a good investment outcome with a positive social and environmental impact?”

Due to growing demand from the public, social and environmental investment has developed quickly in recent years, and now objective research and measures of expected impact are increasingly available to advisers and their clients, making Impact Investment a viable option.

A useful way to categorise Impact Investment is to consider how the primary activities of the companies making up a portfolio provide solutions in line with the 17 UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Guide to Impact Investing

Impact investing can help drive solutions to global problems and being able to map an Impact portfolio’s holdings against these UN goals is a powerful measure.

If you are interested in our approach to Impact Investment, please see our Guide to Impacting Investing below and ask us for more information.

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