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Helping you make smart decisions

For us, Wealth Management means helping clients make smart decisions about saving and investing. It is a long term process which starts by looking at the reality of where you are and where you want to go; presenting strategies to get there, and being around to help on the way.

It holds together two vital strands:

  • Sensible Financial Planning
  • A solid Investment Process.

Without a sound investment strategy, a meticulous financial plan can turn to dust; and without well costed, realistic and disciplined plans, even a good investment process can leave you disappointed.

Wealth Management starts with you, and what your money means to you. From there we help you plan for your future, and dovetail in the investment strategy, which gives you the best chance of meeting your objectives.

We will use all the tools at our disposal to help in this process; from cashflow modelling and liquidity planning to pension and tax planning strategies. Along with other professional advisers we will help with wealth preservation, and estate planning.

Above all, Wealth Management at Ashburn is the careful application of good old common sense.

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