Regulatory Status

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Authorised and regulated by?

Ashburn Wealth Management Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered in England No: 6510679

Fuller details of our regulatory status and the protections it affords you can be found by following our link to the FCA website.

In the unlikely event that you wish to make a complaint then we will handle the matter promptly and we trust efficiently. If however you are not fully satisfied with the outcome of our review of your complaint you have access to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

The Financial Ombudsman Service is available to sort out individual complaints that clients and financial service businesses aren't able to resolve themselves. To contact the Financial Ombudsman Service please visit

We provide independent advice.

We have chosen to remain independent because we believe that it is important that we are not restricted in any way at the point we recommend a product or fund to clients. Whilst we may not believe certain types of investment are suitable for clients, because of their structure or inherent risks, it is important that we are fully aware of them, understand the circumstances where they may be relevant and can advise appropriately if a client already holds such investments.

We have committed to maintaining our knowledge in all product areas and this forms part of our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme. It is also important to us that we do not have any contractual relationships in place which require us to place business with any particular provider of products or funds, as this would compromise our independence and create a conflict of interest when providing advice.